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Australia races have for a long been at the forefront of the thoroughbred horse racing scene worldwide attracting some of the globe’s best jockeys, trainers, and horses. This is why its not surprising to anyone that through the advent of online wagering systems, this new format has once again embraced tab race results for the importance and prestige surrounding them in the world market. The good news is this means even more innovation and new features and services offered to Australian punters making the betting process even easier than ever before in the history of thoroughbred racing in the country.

Albany Harness Racing Club

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The Albany Harness Racing Club located in Albany, West Australia is one host of some great tab race results each year. The track itself is a total of 855 metres with a home straight of 120 metres and a radius of turns equaling 97 metres. The track surface is made of granitic sands, which is preferred by many of the industries best. The course runs anti-clockwise and is able to accommodate races at 1828 metres, 2242 metres, 2258 metres, 2648 metres, and 3113 metres. The track and club is set to host a number of events in the remainder of December as well as many regular meetings that are already planned for the upcoming 2010 season. However, when it comes to the Albany Harness Racing Club, the majority of punters are attracted to the popular special events hosted at the track including the Denmark Cup, Healthway Day, and Albany Cup.

Elwick Harness Racing Club

Elwick harness racing is also the host of many of the great tab race results at the Tattersalls Park located in Goodwood, Tasmania. With a season that usually lasts year round and around 13 meetings still left to take place during the 2009 season, Aussie punters will definitely want to keep an eye out for these events. The track has a radius of turns equaling 80 metres with a home straight of 200 metres and circumference of 970 metres. The track is run anti-clockwise over crushed granite and accommodates meetings at 1609, 2090, 2579, and 3060 metres. Some of the more notable special events hosted by the track is include the Betfair Prince Of Pace worth $20,000, the $150,000 Wrest Point Tasmania Cup, the $20,000 Betfair Princess Of Pace, and the Betfair George Johnson with $50,000 all taking place in December. Other special events include the $25,000 Metropolitan Cup, the $30,000 Tasmanian Derby, and the $25,000 Tasmanain Oaks in April. Some of the noteworthy runners in recent years and track record pacers include RICHIE WALTON over a distance of 1609 metres on 04 May 2008 with a mile rate of 1:55.3, BUBBAS A FAKE over a distance of 2090 metres on 27 Jul 2008 with a mile rate of 1:58.3, and BLACKS A FAKE over a distance of 2579 metres on 26 Mar 2006 with a mile rate of 1:57.6. With so many excellent race meetings taking place all year round at Tattersalls Park, these are tab race results that all avid punters should be wagering on.

Geelong Harness Racing Club

Another great location that is always a main attraction among those looking for tab race results online is Beckley Park in Melbourne and the events hosted there by the Geelong Harness Racing Club. The track has a total circumference of 960 metres with a total radius of turns of 81 metres and home straight of 200 metres. The track surface is made of granitic sand and is run anti-clockwise. Race meetings are held at distances of 1609, 2100, 2570, and 3060 metres. There are hundreds of great races taking place throughout the season at Beckley Park including many more race meetings still left in 2009 and many more planned for the upcoming 2010 season. Some of the trotters to hold track records include SUNDONS TIAVON over a distance of 2100 metres on 01 Jun 2006 with a mile rate of 2:01.5, ONE OVER KENNY NZ over a distance of 2570 metres on 16 Feb 2008 with a mile rate of 2:02.7, and SIMPLY BETTOR over a distance of 2100 metre on 20 Aug 2007 with a mile rate of 2:04.7.

Some of the Special events hosted by the Geelong Harness Racing Club include the $10000 McNamara Memorial Trotters Cup and Geelong Pacing Cup worth $25000 both set to take place in 2010. Others include The O’Keeffe event worth $8000 and the $20000 SEW-Eurodrive Geelong Rocket in May.


The opportunities are absolutely endless for Australians these days that are interested in getting tab race results online. With so many racecourses all across Australia hosting hundreds of events throughout the season, there is definitely no shortage of betting options for the average Aussie punter. For example, one club that has been a main attraction for many looking for tab race results is the Geelong Harness Racing Club hosting races at Beckley Park in Melbourne. However, there have also been many others including Elwick in Tasmania hosting the popular Betfair Prince Of Pace worth $20,000 and the $150,000 Wrest Point Tasmania Cup. With tab race results so easily accessible by punters online nowadays, there is bound to be more and more interested in taking advantage of the betting options available for these excellent events.